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PS INODIC was established September 2012 and it was small challenge of sales and marketing at that time. But now we are developing our own CCTV cameras, manufacture and also provide them for domestic and oversea market. We are consistently growing hidden champion for the security products. We believe that this remarkable growth is caused by the truth and help of our partners, co-working company friends and our customers. We really appreciate for their all support for us.

We had started CCTV cameras at the beginning and now we are expanding our business to specialized CCTV products development and manufacturing. With our company’s mission, “Respect and Consideration”, We will not forget our first mind, keep our competitiveness for 4th industrial revolution and we will find new growing power to respond to the future change in our society and we would become NO. 1 company with its technology. Also, we will develop customized products and provide excellent quality control and quick service to our customers. We will take our responsibility and do our obligation so then we will become a company which receive respect and truth from our customers and society.

Thank you.